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chanelespadrilles2going into my second semester of sophomore year, influenced by the new year, i made a list of things i wanted to do: get up earlier, wear high heels, read more, go on adventures, and so on… at the end of the school year i made another list, which was more realistic and a result of my second semester experiences. tumblr_mksz9j8IrD1qjhe3mo1_500

  1. i can drink coffee… if i add in more than an equal share of milk and vanilla flavoring and ice. lots of ice.
  2. i am at my most productive when I am listening to certain pandora playlists: oldies and rap. to be more specific: american pie, with or without you, and losing my religion playlist or 99 problems, hypnotize, a$ap rocky, and kanye west and jay-z. can’t study without them.
  3. i can’t function on less than five hours of sleep. i can try (which I have), but by the end of the day, or nine o’clock, i am seriously struggling.
  4. i may say i’m going to finally get around to reading books i want to read, but it isn’t happening. that’s what summer’s for. so to all of my books waiting for me in my nook reader, i’m sorry. i’m trying to hurry though.
  5. classical studies as a minor could not have been a better choice for me. during the times i thought i couldn’t take business classes any longer, roman archaeology or classical mythology was there to keep me sane.
  6. i am definitely a procrastinator, but a productive one. if i don’t want to finish one assignment i will complete everything else first. it’s bad (but it’s good), but sometimes really bad.
  7. i might have an “organizational problem.”
  8. heels ain’t happening. for special occasions, yes, but even putting booties on made me want to wear flats, sandals, or my lo-top converse.
  9. adventures can happen, but sometimes you just need to go for it. planning may help, but when you’re always doing work there comes the time when you need to let go. this summer i definitely plan on more “adventures”, and next school year i already have a few places to visit.
  10. yeah, i can eat healthy meals, but it is mostly due to a sweetgreen addiction. i could eat a salad from there every single day. thanks to the sweetgreen app, it makes this addiction easier… so it may be time to delete that.

i finally tracked down that zara sequin clutch and not for an extreme price. a year’s worth of searching has finally paid off.


after college, this is the dog i want.