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Imagehappy memorial day to all! for our family, memorial day has always been a day to remember those who serve our country, and those who served in the past. my dad always hangs up the american flag and marine corps flag (in memory of my grandpa), and since i’ve been younger it always seemed really special to me. i also feel like memorial day weekend is the kickoff for the rest of the summer. even though it’s been raining for the majority of the weekend, yesterday and today were clear so i hope the weather keeps up. anyhow, tomorrow morning i am heading to texas, san antonio to be exact, for the western conference finals (if memphis wins tonight). i couldn’t be more excited, seeing that the farthest place i’ve been to in the united states is chicago, and i was a baby so i don’t think it counts… i definitely think i’ll feel like i’m in a different world, but i am so ready. now all i’m hoping is that i can survive the heat and humidity, and by me surviving, i mean my hair.Image