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tumblr_m281uxkuZa1qiaempo1_500i have made the decision to start a new little series on sundays… i figure sundays are relaxing, rest days, and i wanted to do a post that was pretty straightforward and easy to browse through. so the following are a few things i’ve been loving:

1. i’m a huge fan of wearing white dresses during the summer. in one of my recent posts i mentioned how it’s almost all i wear, and that’s pretty true. this article has so many great suggestions for ways to style them.

2. this book has appeared on so many summer reading lists i’ve seen, so i decided to add it to mine.

3. there are quite a few husband and wife duos in the most recent edition of matchbook, and i love it. one of the bigger focuses of this edition is interior design, and each spread has a fun, summery appeal.

4. i am a big fan of walk the moon, but i didn’t discover this song until recently. now i’m obsessed, and i think you will be too.

5. decorating is one of my favorite things, and since discovering this cheers sign i can’t get it out of my head. hanging near a dining area or the hall outside our kitchen in my dorm next year seems close to perfect to me.

6. hello shirt dress that seems to be made for me. the print and the material are great for summer, but can easily be taken into fall.

7. the title of my blog definitely gives away the fact i love beauty, so i couldn’t be more excited to find this new blog, the sparkle. it’s a great lifestyle blog that has the perfect beauty balance going on.

8. last but not least, this ring is pretty cool. the only issue is i can’t really wear rings because they never fit my fingers. it’s a lion so it’s meant to be because i’m a leo, and it happens to come in a size 8 (not only 6 and 7, like usual), so this one may just work.