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tumblr_mn3xq7e8eJ1qim02bo1_500i have a confession to make… i’ve hopped onto the pinterest bandwagon. when i say i fought this for about a year, i’m not kidding. i even made an account and then refused to use it, but it was for a good reason. i knew i’d become addicted, and i was right. knowing me i couldn’t just have any names for my boards, so when i tell you that i spent a good time brainstorming some “witty names” (that aren’t all that witty) i’m not exaggerating. pinterest has become a process, but it’s a process i love. planning for next year’s dorm decorations has already begun, and i have been working on my summer loving board like no tomorrow. if i’ve been off of my computer for a while i will sit and scroll back until i find my last pin, and start looking at other pins from there. i’d say i wasn’t addicted, but that’s a lie… (seeing that i have every possible form of it downloaded: phone, iPad, etc.) i’m still on the hunt for other pinners to follow, which gives me just another excuse to keep on pinning… or this whole post may be a cry for help in stopping this obsession (but not really).tumblr_mgr2r6uyZY1rd9ycko1_5002c75bdabf838a26131966fa0e3d01caftumblr_mkjnjxBt8S1r7304ko1_500d1fab949e1c57019844edd9e3f234655