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tumblr_mdcpomnN3N1ribwnro1_500something i’ve done on this blog is covered multiple things i love: fashion, beauty, stripes, decorating, parties, serious posts, silly posts, and everything in between. this time around i wanted to do something a little bit different, kind of like a more in-depth about me. some of these things may hopefully make you think, “wow that’s cool”, others could also elicit a “wow, what a weirdo”, which is totally understandable. so here we go…

i am an emotional person, in the sense that movies, commercials, books all can make me cry in a heartbeat. for instance, after finishing my sister’s keeper by jodi picoult i proceeded to lock myself in my room and cry myself to sleep (true story). i mean i just finished watching brave with my younger sister and even though i’ve already seen it i still cry at the end… same thing happened in the movie theaters, and i’m pretty sure i was the oldest person there, and the only one crying.

 speaking of brave, i am and always will be a fan of the wonderful world of disney. my family still has our vhs tapes and i refuse to let those go, never can, never will (even though the majority of them have been replaced by dvds). every movie has been seen and as a result i don’t know if i should be proud to admit that i have never lost a game of disney scene it. also whenever some of my brands have disney collaborations i go crazy… mac’s release of venomous villains is one of those times and sephora is about release an ariel collection. i will most likely lose all self control.

 i am a huge basketball fan, especially of my home team, the new york knicks. i will love them to the end, and support them through thick and thin. we were so close this past season, and losing to the pacers wasn’t easy, but we still have next season. even though i am a knicks fan, i definitely have other teams i like and players i love. (seeing tim duncan at the end of the last game of the finals kind of killed me). so while i may seem like a girly girl, i most definitely have my guy side.

tumblr_moevl02s5B1qcvq4wo1_500 on the same note of being a girly girl, i also have an inner geek within me and i let that flag fly. lord of the rings, a song of ice and fire (aka game of thrones), superheroes, and mythology (classics minor, woo) all are near and dear to my heart. you can bet your bottom dollar that while i was painting my nails before work the other night i was  watching the new hobbit trailer, and proceeded to freak out. literally freaked out, and even when i went to see man of steel (henry cavill, i’ve loved you since tudors, even in immortals, which was tough, and i’ll continue to) , my reaction to the trailer in theaters could still be considered a minor freakout.

i’ve let on a few times how much i love makeup, but i don’t really know if you guys understand how much i love it. i can list of different releases of different products and collections from different brands, and am able to offer an opinion on the majority of products at sephora. the amount i happen to own is kind of insane since i don’t wear a lot of it (i do the whole natural makeup look during the day, and i love doing my makeup when i go out), but i used to post looks i did online and i love doing my friends makeup too. since i own a crazy amount i figured i should explain why… i want to go into the beauty business, but the marketing/creative side, or even some kind of beauty editorial. i’m not really sure yet! currently i’m doing an internship for l’oreal which has been eye-opening and taught me so much in three weeks. as you guys know i do love fashion too, but beauty has kind of always been number one, but as the saying goes no one knows what the future holds. i guess i’ll have to wait and see to find out.

my favorite drink is diet peach snapple

tumblr_moank8EKui1qgez5jo1_500i’m kind of obsessed with elvis presley, no joke. (may or may not have shed a tear when i finally got to go to graceland)

my favorite animal is a lion and i will buy almost anything having to do with my astrology sign (leo), the king of the jungle, and simba, my homeboy

i love music and have quite the eclectic taste. i love my indie music, but always find ways to mix in rap, oldies, and other random tunes. for example i was switching between frank ocean, kanye’s new album, and classical music on the train to work..

tumblr_mopm05B7ue1sv8p2eo1_500i can watch breakfast club on repeat and almost any 80’s movie on repeat.

i can bark like a dog. literally. not a little baby dog, but something along the lines of a rottweiler. maybe one day i’ll share it with you guys.

tumblr_m7u4hk5GK91r06q46o1_500i really want to travel the world and visit ancient sites, especially the ruins of greece and rome. after studying them for the past year my curiosity is more intense now than ever. post-college the one thing i really want to do to is travel and finally see all these places i’ve learned about.