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bday13if you guys don’t already, i most definitely recommend that you start following the blog, love taza. it follows the davis family: mom, dad and two little bubbas, eleanor and samson. i kid you not these children are some of the cutest i have ever seen, and they make me want to return to my days of babysitting and camp counseling. they are always smiling and happy, and i have a feeling it has something to do with their too cool for school mama. if i could be half as coo/amazing a mom as taza then i’ll be doing something right (this won’t be for awhile though, still in college!!) anyways the whole point of this post was to show the amazing 1st birthday party samson had. it was new york themed and although it was for a baby, i most definitely would love to have the same kind of party, but with some more “adult” things. bday05bday60bday11bday14bday71bday08bday61