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tumblr_mn2r08RIgN1qa3061o1_500i am not a big fan of business dressing. this is something that needs to be put out there, because i happen to be in the business school at my college and business attire is normal. for someone like me, who likes to spice up an outfit with jewelry or a bright lip, a black pantsuit makes me feel way too restricted. the other day i was trying to figure out an outfit for two upcoming events i have to go.. one of them is the her campus national conference and the other is a rent the runway speaking event. back at georgetown i’m one the girls in charge of the best team (in my opinion), and i’m a blogger for their network too, so obviously i amgoing to attend (the sunday conference is open to readers, so jump on that ladies!)… before i get off track (which i already am), the dress code for these events is what made me even more excited. instead of business or business casual, it’s “business chic”, and that is something i can work with. so while i get ready for this upcoming weekend, i plan on imagining up more outfits than i could possibly wear… but to be all cheesy, a girl’s gotta dream, right?

i understand this wouldn't be acceptable attire, but it still wins in my book

i understand this wouldn’t be acceptable attire, but it still wins in my book