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tumblr_mp6xw9uomW1r2l71bo1_500i’m going to start off this post with the truth: i am a beauty addict. i’ve covered this multiple times, but until i finally unearth my collection i don’t know if you guys can fully comprehend what i mean.. let’s just say that when i was younger and did a special deed worthy of something, my prize would be a lipgloss from sephora. now, i never wore this stuff to school, but in 8th grade i carried around a lipgloss and clear mascara religiously. it was my thing, and i knew that no matter how much mascara i’d apply it wouldn’t look like too much. that was the beauty of it, and i was learning this at a young age: less is more. now that i’m older and more “beauty experienced” i am more willing to take risks. i love a bright lip with everything else pretty natural, taupe smokey eyes, subtly flicked eyeliner, glowy skin, the whole shtick. to be honest, i don’t ever have just one beauty routine i stick to.. it is always changing. recently i’ve been lining just the roots of my upper lashline with black liquid liner, adding mascara and a tad bit of coral lipgloss. if i’m feeling fancy i’ll add some highlighter… a few months ago i never would have put eyeliner on my upper lashline for some kind of daily purpose, but times they are a-changing. knowing me next week i could be wearing zero makeup, and rocking the real world barefaced…. lol, jk.

summer beauty essentials