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APoT_HaagenDazs_130726_2the other day i was going through some of my favorite blogs and i came across a post on a piece of toast which was right up my alley. it wasn’t fashion-inspired per se, but was about the little things in life. if you know me, or can learn anything about me from this blog, i am all about the little things in life. it also helps that the post happened to feature  my favorite ice cream/sorbet/fro-yo flavor of all time, peach haagen dazs sorbet. let alone the sorbet, all the pictures in the post happened to be absolute perfection. on that note it got me to thinking what my favorite “little things” are, and while i could easily go on and on, i figured i’d share a few here with you:


1. peach haagen dazs sorbet (i had to)

2. a huge iced green tea with vanilla (actually an addiction)

3. that feeling you get after seeing a really good movie and being so fulfilled/happy you think your chest is going to burst (i swear this is real)

4. snuggling up in a really comfy blanket, reading an amazing book by the fire, while it’s snowing (if this has never happened to you, i promise it’s worth it)

5. any type of friends marathon

6. when i can sleep a little bit longer than originally planned (literally, i can sleep for the longest time.. like get up walk around, get some water, and go back to sleep. i don’t know if this is normal, but i like this ability so it is what it is)

7. seeing one of my favorite bands in concert (lumineers post coming up soon!)

8. decorating, plain and simple.

9. curling up in my bed, catching up on my favorite tv show

10. finding that perfect something you didn’t know was missing in your life

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