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tumblr_mb6mzzt4mW1rd7epgo1_500sometimes i sit for ages, trying to figure out what to title a post. today is one of those days where i feel my title describes exactly how i feel. it’s a snippet of a line from the great gatsby by f. scott fitzgerald, but if you know the rest of the quote and you keep reading, i think you’ll understand why i chose it.

twelve years ago today, worlds were turned upside down, and lives were changed forever. i come from a small town on long island, a commuter town, and the majority of residents head into the city every single day. twelve years ago today my hometown lost almost fifty residents, and it’s something that will forever be a part of the legacy of my little long island town.

it seems like yesterday when i was at recess talking to one of my friends, trying to reassure her that her dad would be okay even though he worked in the twin towers. i had no idea if he truly was okay, but i did as much reassuring as a third grader could. i remember watching the news with my friends, while our moms were sitting together talking about things i couldn’t even begin to process at that age. i remember being at recess a few days later when smoke started seeping onto the field, and the teachers had to huddle all the children inside, attempting to keep us calm. i remember the masses we prayed at, the memorial services we attended, and the period of waiting. i still remember the waiting… my dad waiting to hear about his friends, and me at a young age asking where certain people were, not realizing that such a simple question could cause so much pain.

there are certain moments that stay with us forever, and for me 9/11 is one of them. no matter how many years pass or how young i was, there are things you don’t forget, and even at a young age i understood that. as a country we seem to forever be in the process of moving forward, but our past will always be a part of us.

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