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6a00d83451595d69e20120a6fe7499970b-800wiwithin some of my wildest hopes and dreams is my desire to one day attend a show at new york fashion week… while looking at photos of different shows is great, and it may cause uncontrollable envy and serious clothing lust, being at a show is still something i would love to experience. since i’m in college in a place that doesn’t happen to be in new york and since i don’t have any invites, it’s not like i even have an option to attend. but STILL, a girl can dream.

instead of doing school work i spent a good amount of time stalking some of my favorite designers and seeing which had looks i can’t seem to forget. i easily could have included way too many pictures, and things could have gotten out of hand, but i decided to narrow it down to a few shows: rebecca minkoff, mara hoffman, and j.crew. hope you all become just as obsessed as i am! (but really)

rebecca minkoff:


if i could do that emoji with the heart eyes i would… because this combination is everything.

LUX_7159.450x675 LUX_6927.450x675 LUX_7033.450x675

j. crew:

Jcrew_004_1366.450x675 Jcrew_011_1366.450x675 Jcrew_016_1366.450x675Jcrew_021_1366.450x675

and last, but not least, mara hoffman:



i will find a way to somehow get this dress (or at least i'll try)

i will find a way to somehow get this dress (or at least i’ll try)