481a8a38f175de63af3bec5155e11bcfi fess up, i have been completely and utterly slacking on this blog. last semester i focused a LOT on schoolwork, and as it got closer to finals that’s where my focus went to. it got to the point where my mom would call me asking what happened to my blog, and i’d respond saying that i knew i was a  bit behind, but i would catch up. here’s thing thing, i LOVE blogging, i really do. it’s a great way for me to express my rambling thoughts, show some of my favorite bloggers outfits, put together random photos that “match”, basically anything that comes to my mind comes up on this blog. this randomness is what i love about my life in lipstick, and that’s why i’m getting back on the blogging wagon. one of my new year’s resolutions is finding my balance, and i’m intent on doing that. this balance involves everything: my school life, social life, blogging, health, etc., and i think balance is the perfect word. there have been more than enough times where i felt i was being stretched too thin, and last semester was honestly great because i really did find my balance. i plan on carrying that into this semester, and maintaining my balance. my concluding sentence of this blog needs to be something cliche, and so here is a quote that i love that basically expresses my view on life: embracing change, but finding a balance in everything.

“an arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward. when life is dragging you back with difficulties, it means it’s going to launch you into something great. so just focus, and keep aiming.”