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%22what i'm%22 oneintroducing my new series of blog posts, called “what i’m…” you’re probably wondering what this means, and soon you’ll know, but first i want to address the obvious historical presence in the image above. i am without a doubt a history buff, so going to school in d.c. was a no-brainer for me. i love old buildings, memorials, cities, and places that have stories and history to them, and d.c. has more than its fair share of places with history. while ancient greece and rome hold a special place in my heart, i can say the same for the early united states, the industrial age, the world war II era, and the kennedy era. especially the kennedy era, and since this friday marks the 50 year anniversary of john f. kennedy’s assassination, i found it fitting that there is a kennedy presence in the first of this blog series.

what i’m wearing // the houndstooth sweater jacket pictured above has long since sold out, seeing that it’s from last year, but madewell did something great with this coat. it happens to be one of the comfiest jackets i own, and makes chilly weather more than bearable… (i also love the cold weather so there’s that.)

what i’m reading // i was doing research for a possible paper topic in one of my classes  and came across this book. once i get some free time i’m going to start reading it, and i can’t wait. it definitely satisfies the history buff part of me, plus after visiting arlington national cemetery a few times in the last two weeks (and seeing the book in arlington’s gift shop) i am ready to start reading.

what i’m watching // my friend saw parkland on itunes’ movie page, and we decided to watch it. it didn’t get a lot of publicity, but it actually was a really interesting (and good!) movie. the premise is the assassination of jfk and the aftermath, and has great performances from the cast. if you have time or are in the least bit interested, i recommend watching it!

what i’m eating // this recipe on the glitter guide looks absolutely delicious… next trip to the food store, i know what i’m getting.

what i’m decorating // christmas is around the corner and that means decorating is slowly getting under way. i found the cutest etsy store that sells “chalkboard” signs, and their holiday editions happen to be close to perfect. i want every single one.

what i’m wanting // this book, authorized by the new york times, is a compilation of their coverage of the kennedy era, including new essays and a multitude of black and white photos… the kennedy years will most likely be making an appearance on my christmas list.