tumblr_inline_mzcqjneyti1rynl5eheading off to school this year i thought ahead and figured that i could bring my apple tv, hook it up to the school’s wifi and be set. i was wrong. instead i realized that the school doesn’t allow the set up of an apple tv, even though i made attempts to get cords and little boxes and even an airport. nothing worked. so i have an apple tv and airport that just sit there, almost teasing me. now, if these two had worked i’d be set. there would be hulu, netflix, and nba games ready to go… the only issue would be missing big events that were live, such as awards shows. i figured i could stream them, but when the time came for the golden globes nothing worked. instead i had to resort to watching clips and recaps as they were slowly posted online. the oscars are around the corner, and hopefully i can figure out some kind of viewing situation that a: works and b: isn’t illegal. so until then i’ll watch the best of tina and amy on buzz feed and stalk red carpet looks online. speaking of red carpet looks, here are a few of my favorites from the golden globes and the sag awards: jennifer-lawrence-dior-gown-sag-awards-red-carpet-h724 michelle-dockery-golden-globes-oscar-de-la-renta-h724 margot-robbie-golden-globes-gucci-h724 sandra-bullock-lanvin-sag-awards-red-carpet-h724 kelly-osbourne-zac-posen-gown-sag-awards-red-carpet-best-dressed-1-h724tumblr_inline_mzcq3zQHxy1rynl5e tumblr_inline_mzcpitSffm1rynl5e