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tumblr_myoahlBWQe1spbrcwo1_500i have a tumblr and sometimes going through my dashboard becomes a highly selective process. i’ll like a photo, and save it for later knowing it’ll look better on my page at a different point in time. thoughts run through my head, like “i can’t reblog a photo of this outfit, because i did a fashion photo a minute earlier”, and so on and so forth. i get into this groove, and it makes me feel like an artistic genius, which is far from the truth. i am a creative person, and i wish i could do photography, but it’s something i haven’t tried (except for my instagram, which makes me feel like annie liebovitz at times, all thanks to filters). since i’m not a photographer, i’d like to consider myself to be a curator. when i say curator i mean i gather photos i love, and group them together all over my desktop waiting for a reason to use them. one of those times is now… i was on a black and white photograph kick recently and it got a little bit crazy for a while. as soon as february gets closer i know there will be another “gathering time.” to me it’s fun and even relaxing… there’s something about putting photos together that reminds me of solving a puzzle, certain ones fit and others don’t, but in the end you have to make it work. i’m totally making something that’s not a big deal into an artistic process, but as the saying goes, “imma do me.” ImageImageImageImage