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  1. 9020df052e48c5e2ef94e814533a60ecgo into the game with some football knowledge. first things first, please know what teams are playing on sunday. that’s something that i shouldn’t have to say, but i am, just in case. if you are unaware of who is playing,  can fill you in… the denver broncos and the seattle seahawks. also having some idea of football terms and logistics will go a long way, so this guide will provide you with the help you need.
  2. deliver the goods. this sounds like a drug deal, and i swear it’s not. if you’re going to a party, bring something! it doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but the super bowl is one of the best days during the year (in addition to thanksgiving) to eat a ton of food and drink a lot of beer. if you want to impress your fellow football viewers, here are a few simple recipes that look delicious: one, two, three.
  3. get your game day look. if you’re rooting for a team, rep their gear. if you don’t have a team, embrace some jeans and a comfy top. i’m currently deciding between wearing my friday night lights shirt or a football jersey-style shirt i have. decisions, decisions. you’ll be eating, and possibly jumping up and down (whether it’s for good/bad reasons), and you’ll need to be wearing clothes that let you move (and breathe after eating one too many doritos). 
  4. check out the commercials. some of this year’s commercials for the super bowl have started trickling in, and they are great. i love watching the game, but the commercials are great too, and it’s something I always look forward to. anna kendrick is great in this ad, budweiser has already debuted two commercials (one and two), which may or may not have made me cry, and bud light’s commercial is straight out of someone’s wildest dreams.
  5. enjoy it. it’s as simple as that. for those of us who don’t have their team playing, it may be slightly more enjoyable because of the missing stress that comes from having your team play, but still. tomorrow is just one of those days that many look forward to, whether it’s for the game, the food, or even the commercials. happy super bowl 48! (and p.s. go broncos)