tumblr_mfjecjjhHr1r0stiwo1_500i could easily start off with a long and rambling introduction, but i think i’m going to cut to the chase on this one (so out of character, i know)…

i’ve heard amazing things about this book, so i think it’s time to finally read it.

if you haven’t been able to tell by this point, i’m a bit of an emotional girl… so when i saw this link with questions you should ask your mom it made me a tad bit homesick. shoutout to my mama, i love ya!

if i had an actual house or apartment, this would most likely go in it, but since i don’t i’ll just pretend i do.

i get the feeling that pointed toe pumps would be an extremely painful experience for me, but i still love how they look with a pair of skinny jeans and a white top. when i saw this post on design darling it got me dreaming again…

if you don’t listen to bastille, it’s time to get on that.

snl’s brooks whelan made a really cool video showing the entirety of his 2013, including his hiring by the snl team. he seems like a cool guy, but this video definitely confirms it.

i saw this video of a little boy crying to “say something” and i kid you not, this will be my child. my mom definitely passed her emotions on to me, and future children i’m so sorry, but i think it might happen to you. please watch this video, he’s so adorable.

paul rudd and jimmy fallon are everything.

i have been waiting for the season premiere of game of thrones for what feels like forever… hbo released these posters for the new season and the season cannot get here fast enough.

last, but not least, i discovered this dress and i am in love… if i was a maxi dress, this would be it.