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amy-adams-vanity-fair-oscar-party-2014-ftrlast year when i wrote about my favorite outfits at the oscars i happened to focus on the vanity fair party, and this year i’m doing the same. at this point i feel like best-dressed of the oscars is all over the internet, and even though i may pick an outfit that isn’t as “popular” as others, it was probably already seen. i’m acting as if no one has seen outfits from the vanity fair party (which most likely isn’t true at all), but don’t blame me for trying to be a little different! i love to see what people wear afterwards, and i also imagine what i would wear if i ever went… not that i would ever be invited, but still. before i get into my outfit picks, i’d just like to mention that:

  1. the selfie that ellen took was amazing. i mean seriously, that was next level.
  2. jennifer lawrence tripping (again) was perfect.
  3. john travolta messing up idina menzel’s name had me laughing for longer than i’d like to admit.
  4. brad pitt passing out plates when the pizza was being handed out seemed so normal.
  5. the whole dancing with celebrities montage while pharrell performed “happy” was surreal.
  6. some of the comments during the red carpet coverage were ridiculous, but completely serious… “these people have been out here since 9 am today, they haven’t showered in days.” like what? what does that even mean? how does the commentator know that?
  7. pink’s tribute to the wizard of oz had me more than a little emotional. definitely had a flashback to childhood…
  8. emma watson and joseph gordon-levitt make quite the duo.
  9. lupita’s speech made me tear up.
  10. frozen won and all was right in the world.

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