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johnny-cash-022112-doublein about two weeks i’ll be heading down south for a very special kind of spring break: a true southern road trip. we’re starting off in new orleans, and driving throughout mississippi and louisana. being from new york i already know that this experience will be very different from long island life… something along the lines of “toto, i don’t think we’re in kansas anymore.” anyways, as you guys most likely know by this point i like to imagine what music we’ll be listening to while driving from place to place (i’m thinking something that resembles a combo of johnny cash and indie rock), what i’ll be wearing (and whether or not it has the right “vibe”… no, but really), and what will make the final packing list. so as i prepare for the southern sunshine there are a few things that need to be taken care of, specifically the whole sunglasses situation. last year after a particularly rowdy day at school my trusty aviators went missing, and although i replaced them i’ve been looking for a new pair since in the hopes of trying something different. this is where warby parker. if you have not heard of warby parker yet, i highly suggest you look them up; the concept is that you can have five types of glasses (sun or optical) sent to you to try on for free. i am the first to admit i can get a little crazy about details, i mean look at my posts on gathering photos, so this whole arrangement is great. so when i started looking through the spring 2014 collection i found a pair that i may or may not have fallen in love with, and these little babies are on their way to good ol’ georgetown for me to test out (fingers crossed they look good). if i could define the reilly’s i think it would be a combination of classic but fun, and more than capable of holding their own on a whirlwind southern adventure. so while i keep on planning (and keep you guys updated) here is my visual (and audio) inspiration for the time being.

*thank you to warby parker for the opportunity to write this post! all opinions are my own (if you couldn’t tell from my rambling)*


Cafe Du Monde Beignet-650-thumb-650x432-4569tumblr_mmr47zymhS1r1hhh5o1_500 coffee28tumblr_m7285oFycs1r6gzyuo1_500dEvening at Cafe du MondeFrye-main