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IMG_5830i’ll admit i’ve been gone for a while, over two weeks, which in the blogging world is basically like eternity. i have a good explanation for my absence though, and if you remember from an earlier post i did, i was away on spring break doing something a little different… last week was spent road tripping between louisiana and mississippi, visiting places like new orleans, natchez, baton rouge, breaux bridge, and mowata. i hadn’t heard of half of these places before i went on this trip, but now i love them. first things first i set really high expectations for spring break, and the trip definitely lived up to it. coming from long island i was expecting the south to be totally different, and it was, but in the best way possible.

from the first day of break we ate a lot of food, and all of it was good. i love seafood so i was excited, but i had no idea what i was in for… let me just say if you’ve never had crawfish please do, because it was life changing. i also ate alligator sausage, which was one of the most delicious things i’ve ever had in my life, and the same goes for boudin (look up the pronunciation, i totally butchered it). we spent time exploring new orleans, especially the french quarter, which was unlike anything else i’ve ever been to… the same goes for bourbon street, which i thought was wild when we went out, but was actually considered quiet or calm by new orleans standards. natchez is a historic city in mississippi that has gorgeous antebellum homes, a great mexican restaurant, and a saloon that dates back to the days of mark twain to name a few things. the under the hill saloon was right next to the mississippi river, and when you walked in you felt like you were going back in time… not to mention they had a foosball table so i was more than a fan (if you’re ever in natchez, you have to go). after natchez we went to breaux bridge, crawfish capital of the world and hometown of my boy, hunter hayes. that night we stayed in an actual cabin on the bayou and went to a cajun pig roast. there was a live band and white lights strung throughout the trees… basically by the end of the night i felt like i was in some sort of nicholas sparks movie. the next morning we got up and went to another town in louisiana and experienced crawfish and rice farming, which was made complete by actually getting on the crawfish boat, picking our own crawfish to eat, cooking it on the spot, and even taking my first tractor ride.

i’ve condensed this a LOT, because i could honestly go on and on… to sum it all up though, if i could write a love letter to the south it would go a little like this:

i love you, i love you, and i’ll be back as soon as i can.

(so dramatic, i know)


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