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the lust list - summer

these sunglasses are the perfect combination: tortoiseshell and mirrored lenses // this necklace is straight out of my dreams // these sandals are perfect the summer and look like they’ll match anything // this romper is straight fire (sorry had to say that) // these earrings are absolutely stunning // this bag seems like the perfect size and the chain is adjustable which is more than a plus

FINALLY… finally it feels like summer is here. the amount of school work i’ve had recently has been insane so my free time to do blog posts has basically been non-existent. but now that summer is right around the corner i’ll be sure to give this site the love it needs. to kick off my posting once again i put together a few things i have been hardcore lusting after. multiple outfits have been dreamed around each of these items, but knowing me i’ll wait until the last minute and end up not getting anything, which is the best option for my wallet… except i don’t think i can resist those horn earrings or that necklace, or anything…