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photo 3-2if you can’t tell already, that photo above is my bed. my comfy bed (pre-pillows and throw blanket) that gets destroyed every night when i go to sleep. i really don’t know what happens once i fall asleep, but blankets end up on the ground, pillows cover my face… basically, i’m a crazy sleeper plus i sleep really late, so it’s just a great combination all around. i do love decorating though, and this love has also applied to all my college bedrooms. my roommate and i both love our senior year bedroom, and as we phrase it, “it’s got the vibes.” my side’s got some of my favorites featured in wall art: the breakfast club, inslee, and johnny cash. three very important things. the little shelving unit next to my bed cost $30 and was really easy to set up (except for the fact i didn’t have half the tools to do it); it’s perfect for holding my school books and random books i’m reading, my notebooks, photos, makeup, and the tray. the tray is italicized, because it’s special to me. i keep my glasses, water bottle, favorite candle, lotions, my inslee calendar and pens and pencils up there… all the basics. last, but not least i use the top of my dresser for more makeup storage, jewelry and some other little “organizational displays.”

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