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tomorrow i am heading back to good ol’ long island. there’s something so nice about going back home, eating your favorite food, seeing family, and watching more tv/movies than you should. even though it’s only a few days, in typical “meg fashion” i’ve made a little list of things i need to do, and what my family plans to do before my brother and i head back to school. this list has been deemed blog-worthy, for whatever reason i don’t know, but i figured i would introduce you all to my version of long island living.

1. get a bacon, egg and cheese on a roll and a large half & half

2. head out east and go fishing in montauk

3. stay up way too late watching sons of anarchy and the on the run special

4. bake an insane amount of cookies, specifically gingersnaps

5. curl up in front of the fireplace with the pups

6. buy fall decorations (PRIORITIES!!!)

7. relax with the family, eat chinese food, and watch movies

8. walk along the bay with my mama

9. shake shack and late night movies with the best friend

10. and most of all, just enjoy being home