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the day has come where i no longer can call myself a student of georgetown university. instead i am a graduate, an alum, and my time at georgetown has come to an end. there have been so many blog posts on here where i have talked about making the most of the short time i had left at my home on the hilltop. however, deep down a part of me wasn’t letting myself believe that it was going to happen. but here i am, all moved out and back home, and the time has come for me to face the real world. driving away from georgetown was the most surreal experience, an experience that was filled with nerves, sadness, and excitement. i have learned so much about myself in my last four years of school, and am so grateful for my georgetown experience since it has shaped the person i have become. here are the few things i have learned during college:

– caffeine isn’t always necessary. i’m pretty proud that i was able to finish my college career without a coffee addiction (scratch that, i still hate coffee).

– sleep is my best friend. yes, i’ve always known that, but living a college lifestyle takes this appreciation to a whole new level.

– pursuing your passions will make a world of a difference. i kept up this blog, continued to grow my love for beauty, studied marketing and classics, worked hard, and i would like to think it has paid off. it’s helped me develop my own personal identity, influenced by different things i love and appreciate, and i’m so thankful for that.

– family is everything. when times are tough and heartache plentiful, family will be there for you, and you’ll be there for them. they’ll also be there during the good times to share in your happiness, and will be there during all times in-between.

– friends become your second family and support network, and saying goodbye to them is bittersweet. while i know i’ll see them again since i’ve made some best friends for life, living with your friends and seeing them constantly is something that will be missed. cherish every moment with your people.

sweetgreen, you have been everything to me. thank you.

– always allow yourself a break. even when you think you don’t need it, you actually might. whether it’s a nap, a walk, or a netflix mini-binge, just do it.

– if you’re lucky enough your school may become your second home. though it may be incredibly hard to leave, this means that your time there has been so well worth it, and for that you should be grateful. i know i am.