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guys, before i get into this, we need to talk about the mets really quickly. growing up going to shea stadium to watch mike piazza play is something that has been ingrained in my memory. when you’re a mets fan, you’re a fan through thick and thin, as many mets fans know. so to be able to watch the mets sweep the nlcs last night, become national league champions, and go on to the world series was one of the most exciting feelings ever. my face may have hurt a little bit from smiling so much. now the world series is here baby, and as all mets fans know, “you gotta believe.”

baseball talk aside, here are a few links i’m loving (of course the mets are included):

the arms behind the new york mets 

new adele album on november 25th people!!! excuse me while i lose my mind! 

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a seriously funny take on what your drink of choice says about you 

a peek into what new york looked like 100 years ago

a manicure i will be trying out for halloween 

love me some butternut squash

my current favorite sweater 

if you want a good halloween drink that will impress your friends, try out one of these