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IMG_3909i love halloween. love it. i’m a fan of all holidays, but there’s something about halloween that makes me beyond excited. the “something” i’m talking about is dressing up in wild outfits, going out with friends, drinking festive drinks, and the candy. this weekend i’ll be partaking in two costumes i’m very excited about: poison ivy on friday, and the demon (or gene simmons) from kiss on halloween night. for poison ivy i am taking a pair of green separates (long sleeved crop top and high waisted knee length skirt) and decorating it with ivy leaves, emerald teardrop gemstones, and leaf-shaped sequins. to finish off the look i’ll be creating a mask out of some of the leaves and smaller gemstones, and adding in a green smoky eye, bright red lips, and a little bit of fake blood to top off the look. all that effort and it isn’t even for halloween night…

DRUM ROLL PLEASE. on halloween i will be debuting my kiss outfit with a group of my friends. the outfit itself is pretty simple: a bodysuit from nastygal, high-waisted black flare skirt, heeled black boots, and thigh-high ripped up fishnets. throw on a studded headband and some studded jewelry and we’re good to go. for makeup i’ll be rocking the signature kiss makeup, but i’ll be going for a more stylized take… meaning the white paint won’t be making an appearance (contouring will), but the black face paint will. i’ll do silver shadow and a cat eye on the lid to make the eyes pop, throw on some false lashes, and rock a gray lip thanks to mac’s stone pencil with a little pop of silver shadow in the center.

halloween makeup

scarecrow small fangs | maybelline gel eyeliner | essie bordeaux (used this for the blood manicure) | sephora hipster lashes | naked smoky palette | mac cosmetics sin lipstick   urban decay perversion mascara | fake blood | mac stone lip pencil

for both of my looks i won’t need a ton of makeup, but if you’re still trying to figure out what to be you only need a few products to get a costume going. as long as you have a few essentials, like black eyeliner, a dark lip, and some eyeshadows, the possibilities are endless… pick up some fangs and fake blood on amazon, throw on a dark lip and smokey eye: you have a vampire costume. use black liner, dark lip, and some shadow to create a circus leader costume. grab some leaves, glue them to a bobby pin, throw it in your hair, add a whimsical dress and some natural eye makeup (use little crystals around the eyes if you can grab some) and you’re a woodland fairy. i clearly let my imagination get the best of me when it comes to costumes and it helps. think outside the box, grab a few tools and you should be good to go.

p.s. i painted my nails with this bloody manicure yesterday and couldn’t be more excited about them