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a month has gone by since my last post, and here we are in december… i have zero idea how that happened, but i’ve gotten used to the whole “time flies” concept at this point. i will be posting a glimpse into my fall experiences in new york, but for now i wanted to talk a little bit about my cold weather staples…

the oversized coat | so this style has sadly sold out, but i love oversized sweater-style coats. they protect you from the cold, feel like a blanket, and this one here looks oh so stylish.

the turtleneck dress | i don’t know when or how my love for this style got reignited (dramatic, i know), but i have been into this look again. this dress is beyond comfortable, cozy, not itchy, and warm.

the nudes | i am all about nude lips in all different forms, whether it’s lip gloss, lipstick, lip tint. the same can also be said for my nail polish choices (essie bordeaux/picked perfect, i’m looking at you…). i stick to berries and nudes during the colder months, but if i’m going to be honest with myself it’s more often a “natural” lip that you’ll find me wearing.

the tartan scarf | here’s the thing: i love the cold. i love it so much that i don’t really have issues walking to work during the winter as long as i’m bundled up. i really love this option and this one.

the over the knee boot | god knows the 5050 boot by stuart weitzman is beautiful… but god also knows it’s ridiculously expensive. i have been trying to find a dupe for a long, LONG time, so when i found these on sale on amazon i was more than happy. plus they’re very comfy, which is a plus…

the minimalist jewelry |  i love rings, but the downside of them is that basically none of them ever fit my fingers. thankfully knuckle rings help a bit with this issue. i love this set from essie. they’re simply, pretty, and one or two actually make a big difference for your “look” (or so i’d like to think).

the open-toed booties | these shoes are where it’s at. i’ve been kind of obsessed with them for a while, but finally decided to go for them thanks to some insane cyber monday savings. seriously, amazon fashion is unreal and their deals are hard to beat. these shoes are full price everywhere else except for amazon and add an additional 30% off and you’ve got yourself a steal.