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{ absolutely adore this look… a.k.a. i could see myself living in it }

my friends were visiting me the other weekend and pointed out something that was pretty obvious about my style taste: i love neutrals & i stick to what works. so when they saw my different shoes, that all had a theme (otk suede boots, ankle strap, simple heeled sandals, and so on) and a similar color story i laughed. it’s true, i’m a creature of habit… i will add something different in every once in a while, but blacks, tans, grays, browns, and whites are kind of my favorite. when the spring rolls around a colored lip or a maybe a colored skirt may make an appearance, but it depends on the day. i think my taste (which is pretty singular, if you can’t tell already) explains my love for the blogger brooklyn blonde. her looks are all right up my alley and she pulls otk boots off like nothing i’ve seen before. if you’re looking for some outfit inspiration, you should head her way!


{ these black jeans speak to my soul }


{ perfect combination of blues }


{ those boots. }


{ all about the comfy and cozy vibe here }


{ loving the way these neutrals all look together, plus the red lip is a win }


{ quite simply, this look is a yes. no other explanation needed. }