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say hello to my idol, my favorite, my #1. since the moment she came on the scene i have been a proud fangirl, and throughout the years this hasn’t changed. if anything my love has only grown, and after seeing her live at madison square garden, my dreams have come true. i laughed, i cried, i dance, i sang (not necessarily in that order) and fangirled way too hard. let’s be honest though, you would do the same.

now it’s time to discuss her makeup, because i think we all can agree it is perfect. it’s not too much, but just enough, and it’s an easy go-to look. the first step in achieving her look is keeping your skin fresh with your regular face routine, minus the bronzer and highlighter. instead go for a matte contour shade and give your cheekbones some definition. we all know the focus of her look is the eyes (as it always is with adele). all you need is some neutral shadow to give your eyes some depth and a heavy flick of eyeliner, and you’re good to go. top it off with a few heavy swipes of mascara, or falsies if you’re in the mood, and you have mastered the adele look. all you need to complete this look is a rosy nude lip. if you don’t want to break the bank try out this little guy from maybelline. and if you’re willing to spend a bit more, try out this shade from nars.  i know i make it sound super simple, so if more detail is needed i would check out this video. if you’re feeling extra creative (and since halloween is right around the corner), throw on a black dress, grab a fake mic, fashion yourself a grammy or two, and embrace your inner adele for a costume this year.