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something i’ve realized is that i don’t wear face makeup during the work week. i wear brow gel and mascara during the week, but that’s really the most you’ll see me wearing. there’s something about living in the city and being exposed to some really gross stuff in the air. for that reason, i like to give my skin a break during the week. while i do wear face makeup if i’m going out during the weekend, my favorite look is “au naturale.” the lovely ladies in the photos pictured here rock that look, and it’s one of my favorites. for me, achieving this look is easy to do with the follow objects:

clarins beauty flash balm | this stuff is a GAME CHANGER. it costs a pretty penny, but i use it as a primer, a face moisturizer, basically for anything i need. if i feel like my skin needs something, then this is my go-to.

hourglass ambient lighting powder | i love to brush this all over my face for a smooth, even glow. it’s not too much and it helps brighten up my skin.

hourglass strobe lighting powder | i will say you have to pack this stuff on, but it is my favorite. it’s a beautiful highlighter and gives your face that perfect shine.

l’oreal voluminous million lashes mascara | this is hands down my favorite mascara and is budget-friendly. it gives you natural, luscious lashes and i have gone through four tubes of it. i call this my “holy grail” mascara, and if you try it you will see why.

benefit gimme brow volumizing fiber gel | this brow gel is the best for natural brows. all you do is swipe it on and head on your merry way. sometimes i’ll do a bit more, but if i’m on the move and want something easy this is it.

buxom full-on lip cream | this stuff is the bomb. there are multiple shades, but white russian is the color i always have in my bag. it’s the definition of my lips, but better and once again is my holy grail lip gloss.

laura mercier caviar stick eye colour | if you want a soft wash of color, these babies are your best friends. from some of the photos here, you can see that their eye looks were achieved with the lightest of shadows. i’d recommend using some of these guys for help with that technique. personally, i love moonlight and amethyst!