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my favorite weather can be classified as easily as cold weather; this could mean a rainy, blustery day, or a day where the air is crisp and turning leaves are being stirred by whispering winds, or a day where the first flurry starts to fall. these different scenarios are the reason why i love the cold, and what makes new york during the fall oh so magical. if you were to ask me my favorite season, the decision between winter and fall is tough, but i’ve finally figured it out… i will say my favorite season is fall, but my favorite short and fleeting period of time is during christmas in new york. if you want to see real magic, i highly recommend visiting during this time of year.

however, instead of getting sidetracked, let’s get back to fall. you’ll find me bundled up in a flannel or a sweater coat, with a chai in hand and a book in my lap… throw in a new show on tv and we’re good to go.  (speaking of new shows, i highly recommend “good girls revolt” on amazon; i got through it in three days and it’s an easy to show to breeze through.) now it’s easy to stay cozy and warm indoors, but let’s not forget the walks to central park or along the high line, where the changing trees make up for the swarms of tourists new yorkers try to bypass. visits to the farmer markets on tiny side streets or grabbing some pumpkin treats at my favorite bakery is what makes this time of year one of my favorites. so november, i’m ready for you, in all the glory that you bring and all the beauty you bring to the city.