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what i’m eating | i am SO late to this trend, but i have discovered soup dumplings and i am for the better for it. they are the perfect food to eat when i’m lounging in my apartment and watching movies, trying to hide out from the cold. you can find them at many places in the city, but my favorite is at real kung fu little steamed buns ramen. it’s a mouthful, but it is OH, SO delicious.

what i’m reading | i am hoping to get this book for christmas, since “the gilded age in new york, 1870 – 1910” by esther crain seems like it will be an amazing read. it was voted a must-read of 2016, and as someone who loves both history and new york, this seems like the right choice for me.

what i’m wearing | let me tell you… if you need a ridiculous comfy and warm pair of winter socks, the camp socks by j.crew are the choice for you. they are great with a pair of short boots, but at the same time, i love wearing them around my apartment to keep my feet warm. for me, $16 has never been so well-spent.

what i’m wanting | since i travel for work quite a bit and my current carry-on luggage is looking worse for wear, i’ve been on the hunt for a new suitcase. i’ve been seeing some blogs covering away, so i decided to check it out. i am officially obsessed with these suitcases due to their design, space, and charging capabilities. i also tried out a new lip gloss the other day by smith & cult and i have become a new fan. the color shown above is called life in photographs and is absolutely beautiful. both these bad boy are in my shopping cart, so soon i’ll be making the push to purchase them.

what i’m decorating with | if you had asked me in the last couple of years if i felt the need to have fresh flowers in my apartment, i would have said no. however, since i have discovered bouqs, it is one of my new favorite websites/services. this is not an an in anyway, but i wanted to share because it is a sustainable flower delivery program that has an assortment of absolutely beautiful bouquets for very reasonable prices. check it out for yourself and see!

what i’m listening to | i am without a doubt listening to christmas music on a consistent basis, but i also happen to love dance music, among many other genres. if you need a new song to get hooked on, this one is for you.