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To me there’s nothing better than going to the beach on my days off. I worked from 10 to 6.45 at J.Crew and have set up camp on my couch and now refuse to get up! So while I sit on my couch and catch up on tv I decided to gather together my favorite beach items! Hopefully I’ll head out to the beach tomorrow.. Nothing like wishful thinking!

1. a hat to protect you from the sun  2. some great shades  3. a fun beach read  4. full coverage sunscreen  5. metallic thin strapped flip flops (reduces tan lines!)  6. lip balm with spf  7. a delicate necklace  8. moisturizing body lotion  9. a colorful beach towel   10. casual, but cute coverup   11. something to tame the mane  12.  my summer playlist  13. a spray to get those beachy waves

my bathing suit of choice (in black)

handbag i’m LUSTING after