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a few things i happen to be loving this week!

Robin Rice Gallery

 summer rain // there is nothing as peaceful and beautiful to me as summer rain. the thunder and lightning may cause some issues, such as power outages in over 90 degree heat when air conditioning is necessary..


 polyvore // i used to make polyvore sets all the time and at college i took a bit of a break. now that summer is here i’ve rediscovered my love for both making sets and creating tutorials. mylifeinlipstick.polyvore.com

sale prices // can we just talk about that moment when something you love and have been coveting goes on sale. for a great deal. is that not the best feeling ever? then add in the fact that it’s the last one in your size. thank you anthropologie!

MAC Impassioned Lipstick

  bright lips // i absolutely love cosmetics, but something i seriously love happens to be bright, colorful summer lipsticks. it can be from the drugstore (revlon has some amazing ones!), mac or high-end brands, i love them all! i plan to put up a post on my top ten summer colors soon.

a plus that the subject of this creation was spotted in georgetown!

love both of those outfits!

i forever will be obsessed with this painting

inslee // inslee haynes, an author whose art is saw all over tumblr, is my newest love. her work has been a favorite i’ve mine for a long time, but i never knew who created the images i was seeing. now that i know I’ve been bookmarking every picture i love so i can print them out and collage them!