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simply put i am obsessed with the olympics. since i’ve been able to watch them and understand what i was viewing i couldn’t get enough. my top three events to watch are swimming, gymnastics and beach volleyball (basketball is another favorite)! quick side note, i have a special place in my heart for michael phelps… i saw him for the first time at sydney but was so young and then when he emerged again at athens, i bought a fake engagement ring at claires and have saved it ever since. the delusional mindset of a fifth grader has faded, but my superstitious beliefs haven’t let me get rid of the ring. i still wear it whenever he swims (it reemerged during beijing), but don’t worry it isn’t on my ring finger (it’s moved over to the middle…)!

i had to put together a small olympics party with some themed food, tea sandwiches and mini hotdogs and then apple pie cheesecake for dessert, which is one of my new favorites. the decorations were easy to make, and i think i’ll have to save them!

absolutely obsessed with this martha stewart glitter set

tissue paper party headbands!

homemade mini hotdogs with pillsbury crescent rolls

homemade pigs in a blanket with pillsbury crescent rolls

the full table setup!

new favorite: olympic ring apple pie cheesecake!

close up of the apple pie layer

do we look ready for the olympics? because i think we do…