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today was a bit rainy and i had off from work so i decided to lay low and play around with some jewelry. i took a very inexpensive necklace i got from forever21 and separated it into different sections so i could make different projects.

i love the combination of rhinestone costume jewelry with friendship bracelets and string, so i decided to try out my own take on it. the results were better than i hoped for, and i already have a few outfits planned out with this necklace as the center! (i also realized that if dory from finding nemo were to wear a necklace, this might be it!)

supplies needed:

piece of costume jewelry (if you have a full necklace use pliers and wire cutter to separate it!) // two different colors of string with four strands and 20 inches in length // sharpie matching one of the string colors

weave one section of the colors throughout the necklace until its completed. if you need  to string them through each opening and are having trouble, use a bobby pin to help!

once the weaving has been done, braid the strands together. (i did this with the yellow!)

one the other side i attached the blue strings to the costume jewelry by tying them around a hook and then doing chinese staircase.

i finished off the necklace by drawing some of the necklace’s diamonds in with blue sharpie.

that’s it! so simple, inexpensive and stylish!