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hey there guys! after moving back to school last weekend, i’m back and ready to get my life in lipstick up and running again.. i needed a bit of time to settle in, but classes are starting up again and i’m slowly, but surely developing a routine. speaking of getting myself together and staying in the loop with my school work, i wanted to share something very cool with you all. i have had the amazing opportunity to partner up with a chain of stores in my town (loop, gallery couture, and the gibson) to blog about some of my favorite pieces and outfits from time to time (or school break to school break).

owned by afshin and david haghani, gallery couture, loop and the gibson, are located in good old long island, and carry some of my favorite brands (along with others i didn’t know about, but am now lucky i do). the other day i went into loop and picked out some of my favorite pieces to make up some fall outfits. i know it’s still august, but something about being in classes just makes me think of fall!

$194 j.brand black coated jeans // $168 michael stars drop shoulder pullover

 there are few things i love more than leather… i love the look, but sometimes the material is enough to make me feel as if i’m in a personal sauna. so thank the fashion gods that be at j.brand for creating the “coated” look, because it has the same appearance as leather, but nowhere near as hot. i love the pop of blue along with the slouchy fit of this michael stars sweater against the color and tighter fit of the jeans. i’d take this look from day to night by switching shoes: start off with a pair of neutral-colored flats and then throw on a pair of nude pumps for night!

$118 melissa creme fraiche top // $194 ella moss adele sweater // $165 joe’s jeans

this outfit is something i can see myself wearing to class once the weather starts to get colder and i can break out my sweaters again. from the knit of the sweater, to the multi-colored blouse (the polka dots don’t hurt either) and the slightly distressed boyfriend jeans, everything meshes perfectly. you could easily just wear the blouse over the jean knotted at the waist or the sweater with a tank underneath. don’t forget to cuff your jeans for the finishing touch!

$145 sanctuary denim // $28 nikki bikki tank // $138 westguar belt // $262 velvet sweater

there’s not much to say about this outfit other than how much i love it. to illustrate this point further, i’d sleep in that sweater, it is literally THAT comfortable . it’s colorful (but not too much), comfortable (but still put together), and stylish (without looking like you tried too hard). this passes my test with flying colors (pardon the pun).

$183 acrobat dress // $260 j.brand coated bowie jacket

this outfit, in a nutshell, completely defines my personal style. i absolutely love stripes (i’ve mentioned my “serious devotion”) and how classic they look, but the coated black sleeves on that jean jacket are such a great touch. to add to the “edgy effect” i’d pair this look with biker boots, but if i wanted it to look more classic, a pair of black leather flats with a bow would do the trick!

$176 j.brand corduroys // $178 alex lehr polka dot button down // $138 strider belt // $245 ella moss sherwood vest

if i had to describe this outfit, i’d say it’s a new take on fashion basics. a button down in a gorgeous dark blue with some fun polka dots, a tan sweater vest with a hint of fur (not real!), a belt with a fun western twist, and corduroys, but skinny and cuffed! you could easily leave out a few pieces, or switch some in and out, but because it isn’t too bright they still work together!

thank you so much to the haghani brothers for this blogging opportunity, and if you ever have the chance visit some of their amazing stores!