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there are certain ways to gauge whether or not i happen to be tired. some of the signs are: falling asleep in my 12.30 pm class, typing words that i thought were english but happen to be my own dialect (it’s not impressive, it’s discouraging..), dreaming about chai lattes, etc. the biggest indicator that i’m tired is my ability to get dressed. yes, get dressed. obviously i always put on clothes, but the amount of thought which i put into my outfits depends on how rested i feel. i may have an outfit idea the night before (which might make me feel like a fashion maverick), but as soon as i wake up the next morning, bright and early at 7 am, i find myself grumbling about the state of my life. next thing i know i’m grabbing a pair of workout leggings, flats, and a sweater. still acceptable, but not what i originally had planned. so i found a few photos which i will look to for comfy-chic class inspiration, but i plan on downplaying a few of the combinations… can’t get too ambitious, now can we?