tumblr_m96tkmBb7v1rvy9l2o1_500if you follow my blog regularly or happen to know me in real life, you’d know that i tend to obsess over little details. so when i tell you this next little quirk about myself, please try not to judge too hard… i plan out my computer backgrounds according to month/color scheme/feelings, etc. i admitted it, it’s out there, i can’t take it back. now i know it seems a bit crazy, but i love putting the photos together and having a new montage every month. friends will look at it and say it looks cool, i tell them i put it together really quickly, but little did they know i may have been storing photos for weeks. i won’t say any more on this topic, but enjoy february’s photos (and maybe share some of your quirks with me too.. i promise you won’t look as crazy as me).

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