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tumblr_mh6snwbF741qd3bpyo1_500so i made it home for spring break, and have definitely taken this week as a chance to unwind, work out and lay in bed listening to stay by rihanna (no joke). see how i threw work out in there between relaxing? it makes me seem athletic and fit, but in reality i’m capable of sleeping until 2 pm. mind you, post-workout i literally feel like i’m incapable of breathing… plus, i look super pretty right after i get off the treadmill. anyways, the focus of this post is on the color red. i used to be averse to wearing it, but i always loved it. i also had an obsession with red lipstick which i never attempted to try until the lipstick chili flake (sold at j.crew) came into my life. if there has been anything the color red has taught me, it’s to not be afraid to take risks, because sometimes they work out (and yes, sometimes they don’t) and when they do it feels great. i feel like red can make almost anything BAM, so i found pictures which seem pretty BAM to me. yeah, i just made BAM an adjective, just go with it?

brooklyn blonde

brooklyn blonde



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