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while i do LOVE college, there are certain things i miss, such as cooking. yes, we have a common room with a kitchen i can use, but i’m not really feeling the fact that the majority of my supplies have been stolen. to the person out there who stole four of my cupcake tins, i hope you enjoy them, because i know i did… anyhow, i still cook at school (that’s an exaggeration as a friend remind me, i don’t do it as much anymore and i miss it) but when i do, i keep it pretty simple. once i get home though it’s a different story. tonight i made baked gruyere & cheddar lobster mac n’ cheese with a side of roasted parmesan garlic cauliflower. it was SO good, but i was happy to find that with a few tweaks i can make it at school. i just need to put all my stuff in lockdown, because next thing i know my food will be stolen off the stove. if it comes to this, i may ditch the whole lax approach to these quasi-robberies, and stage a full-fledged investigation… yeah, it may not go far, but hopefully all those days watching law and order: svu taught me something. (ps that’s my dog brady, he’s a mush and kept me company during this snowy day)IMG_1248IMG_1250IMG_1256IMG_1255IMG_1257IMG_1262IMG_1249