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spring playlistthis may be really embarrassing, but i’ll admit i put a lot of thought into the titles of my blog posts. no joke. i’ll sit there and try to think of something witty or puny, and if it doesn’t happen i might even write about something totally different. sometimes i put pressure on myself for the weirdest reasons, and i admit this is one of those reasons. i do like today’s title though, so i guess i can continue with this post, and not judge myself too hard… anyways, i’ve begun making my spring playlist, but funny story it snowed yesterday, and since all my posts now included the weirdness of dc weather i had to include it here. i literally woke up for my 8 am class yesterday, put on my utility jacket with those puffy fur-lined hoods (not real, i swear), wrapped myself in a scarf and made the trek over to class. i love snow, but i was listening to my spring playlist while trying to move my fingers. it’s cool though, i mean i’m open to new experiences, but this is a bit too much. i started spring cleaning the other day, and had to stop and take my sweaters out again… what is that? i hope this is my last weather related post, so for now i’m just going to listen to my spring playlist and pretend i’m walking to class in a skirt, sandals and t-shirt, instead of shivering and running for cover.