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theory1for a lot us baby bloggers as i like to call us, there are certain bloggers we look up to. typically the man repeller is a number one choice, along with cupcake and cashmere, and yadda yadda yadda. although i love them both, there’s a special place in my heart for the blogger sincerely, jules. pardon my french, but she is literally the shit. all of her outfits look amazing, yet seem so carefree and casual. putting together carefree and amazing isn’t something i’d using to define my style, like ever. if i don’t put thought into my outfit i throw on workout clothes, which makes me look athletic, but i know it’s all a lie, because i’m chilling in my room, not going to the gym… (don’t tell anyone) anyhow, everything jules puts together looks great, and when i first started following fashion blogs i constantly refreshed her site. even her instagram inspired me, but i waited a long time to jump on to that bandwagon. she definitely serves as a style inspiration and pushes me past the “east coast” look which is sometimes easy to fall into. now you won’t see me walking around in wedge sneakers, but i won’t lie when i say I’ve lusted after a pair or two… if you guys don’t become obsessed with her, then you have a serious problem (see what i did there?).