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tumblr_mk5zxljlHt1qe1sqco1_500coming up with a blog post is not always easy to do. whenever i do get an idea i’ll write it down right away, but most of the time i don’t have a set way of doing things. one of my biggest inspirations does come from photos. at one time i will have multiple photos splayed across my desktop, grouped into little clusters, just waiting to be picked. the tricky part is deciding what to write about them. at the same time it happens to be the best part, because that’s where i get my prime ramblings that usually end up being something. i mean yesterday i went from instagram to harry potter… i didn’t even mean to make that connection and i just did. if anything, my life in lipstick has taught me that things happen… life happens. you can’t always plan everything out, sometimes you just have to just wait and see what’s in store. i guess the photos i’ve chosen are an example of that. they may be similar in color tone (to some extent), but they just happen to be of things i love, or like, or wish to see one day. together they have meaning, and while it may not be completely planned out, as anything goes in life, it’s what you make of it. tumblr_mkyvazELaA1qk0mqro1_500tumblr_lwsojdLUOq1qim4txo1_500tumblr_m93petw35S1qj4drlo1_500tumblr_mljw6iiAnT1snhmaco1_50016tumblr_mjwzellRlf1qa6obxo1_500tumblr_lnxnk3dGum1qkag34o1_500