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after having monday off because of martin luther king, jr. day, tuesday off for a snow day, delayed openings on wednesday a.k.a. cancelled morning classes, and no class on fridays, i have really only been to classes today. basically i feel like this week has turned into a weekend, and since it feels like a weekend i decided to do my link loving post a little bit earlier than usual. so without further ado, this is what i’ve been looking up:

i feel like i’ve mentioned this before but i love lions. it probably stems from spending a good part of my childhood watching the lion king, but i’m going to be dramatic and call it fate. i’m also a leo, so that helps, and my hair on good and bad days alike can resemble that of a lion’s mane. embracing it has been a lifelong process, but it’s something i’m working on. before i totally tangent, i’ll get back to the point. this video is everything. it’s an encounter between kevin richardson and the lions that love him like family. it’s as crazy and amazing as it sounds, and i’ll admit it had me tearing up.

i recently found these illustrations on instagram and i’m obsessed. the artist, sally spratt, basically paints anything she’s lusting after and it always looks amazing. also, half the time she makes we want everything she’s drawing… so there’s that.

when i study/do work/basically do anything i always listen to music. without it i get really distracted. i have multiple itunes playlists and pandora stations i go through, but last week i found songza and i’m obsessed. depending on the time of day and the day of the week there are different curated playlists and from what i’ve listened to they’re all really good. i’m still pretty new to the site, but these are the playlists i’ve been listening to. 

there isn’t much of a description needed for this next link. all that needs to be said is that beyoncé opened up her online store and i proceeded to lose it. here are a few of my favorites: the burnout shirt and the surfboard sweatshirt

oyster is the new netflix for books and my newest obsession. for 9.99 a month you can read anything you want. as someone who loves to read, it’s kind of perfect.

one of the most inspiring commercials i’ve seen, and i promise you’ll love it too.

last summer i was on the hunt for a shark tooth necklace. when i say shark tooth necklace i bet you picture a big white tooth on a black cord with maybe one, or two puka shells. that is not the look i happen to be going for. i finally found one i really liked on etsy, and the store owner has some other amazing pieces too.

just another show to add to the roster. matthew mcconaughey and woody harrelson star in true detective, and after watching the season premiere i’m hooked. i usually try to avoid “scary” shows, but i’m sticking this one out.

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