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tomorrow morning, around the crack of dawn (which is what it will feel like to me), i will be making my way down to new orleans for mardi gras. after visiting new orleans last year, i fell in love with city and had an experience that showed me just how amazing nola is in two days. i know that mardi gras is its whole own experience and i’ve been resting up (or trying to) in order to get ready. once i get back i will without a doubt be posting photos from my trip on here, but until then i have some “filler photos.”

by the way, there are just a few things that i will be needing to get through the weekend…

my trusted white lo-top converse // a purse to hold a ton of stuff // sunglasses (that hopefully make it through) // a shirt that can weather the storm // a visit to get the most delicious doughnuts ever // a return to jackson square and many trips back to the french quarter