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IMG_0247{ prettiest water meter i’ve seen }

there aren’t enough words to describe how much i love new orleans (and the south). yes, i’m a new york girl through and through, but there’s a certain charm down south. it helps that when i got to new orleans the weather was unreal (sunny and warm) and my first was a shrimp po boy, so i started off on the right foot. the mardi gras parades were unreal… my roommate (who is from nola) gave us tips on which beads you should save and how to catch them (no public indecency required), but i still managed to get annihilated by bags of beads hitting me in the face. i was able to get some beauties, but the beating i took on bourbon street one night from one solitary necklace was brutal. there’s pain and then there’s “getting whipped in the face at high speed with beads being flung from balconies” pain. i had my fair share of hurricanes, fried chicken, bourbon street, mechanical bulls, warm weather, front porches, southern charm, bead-related injuries, and crawfish and i absolutely loved it. so until next time new orleans, i’ll be missing you.

IMG_0135{ getting dressed up for day one of festivities }

IMG_0142{ this is february in new orleans… }

IMG_0151{ preferred method of transportation: the streetcar }

IMG_0217{ god bless chicken on a stick… what would i have done without you? }

IMG_0165{ rocking the blurry friendship candids on bourbon }

IMG_0202{ found the love of my life (sorta) in the french quarter }

IMG_0232{ a little bit of some fried crawfish, hushpuppies, and crawfish étouffée }

IMG_0241{ my kind of restaurant vibes }

IMG_0243{ a hotdog with crawfish étoufée and sour cream was a gamechanger }

IMG_0238{ snapshots of jackson square }