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spring break lust list

a choker that i love in theory, but probably won’t ever wear | a big fan of these aviators | this (in the polynesian print) could be a coverup or even a dress | i love bright lips, especially when it’s sunny and warm | the perfect beach bag | channeling my inner beach babe with this necklace | these shoes are great, plain and simple | one of my favorite warm weather makeup items | a hat to stop sunburn | something to manage my hair SPF is 100% necessary for my skin and this stuff is my favorite

spring break is less than a week away, and this is the first time i will ever be leaving the country. so not only am i going on my first (and last) college spring break, but i will be traveling outside of america for the first time. there won’t be any posts up on here while i’m gone, but i’ll definitely have pictures after!