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 as a person who is kind of addicted to lip balm, i love this one.

mumford and sons’ new album is coming out soon and they’re going on tour… so my high school-self and current-self are freaking out.

age of ultron cannot come out sooner. hello new trailers.

i absolutely love this for love & lemons dress. 

you should check out these unique maps of america.

i really want to make these salted caramel cookies. 

mac and cheese is my favorite comfort food, so this list is great.

these vans are A+.

one of the best dresses i have ever owned.

i am 100% making these mini pizzas.

i need to check out this restaurant next time i’m home.

most importantly, a friend of mine has been accepted into a masters program to study international business. i met him when we were both visiting georgetown as high school seniors, and he is an all-around really good guy. if you have the ability to donate and help him attend school, or want to learn more about his story, check it out here.