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march state of the unionspring is finally here and my current “favorites” reflect that. i can finally hang up my winter jacket (hopefully there won’t be freak weather) and put my timbs into storage, and break out some sandals, ripped jeans and white t-shirts (a.k.a. my spring wardrobe).

what i’m eating | sweetgreen is right down the block from my apartment, and now that spring is here i will start getting way more frozen yogurt than i should. soon strawberries will be back and i’ll be adding them to my favorite salad (spinach, romaine, sweet potatoes, chickpeas, avocado, roasted broccoli, pita chips, goat cheese, chicken and balsamic dressing).

what i’m listening to | i can listen to mumford and sons all the time. this isn’t an exaggeration… senior year of high school i listened to their album every single day while working on our yearbook. their new album is coming out soon, and while it has a different sound, i couldn’t be more excited. check out their new song here.

what i’m reading | i absolutely love to bake, and collecting cookbooks definitely fuels my love. there are a few cookbooks that i want to get, but ovenly seems great. just take a look at the cover, and i think you’ll agree.

what i’m watching | i wanted to see wild while it was in theaters, but that didn’t happen. so instead i’ve been waiting for it to be released, and now that it’s finally out i can watch it.

what i’m wearing | i have been wearing this perfume now that it’s warmer out, this nude lip balm, and this ring.

what i’m lusting after | sandals are coming back into my life, and i really like these ones.